Andreea Medar | ᚗᒪ ㇸ ʭ ㆨ҇꧋꧋ ᚗ
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Andreea Medar & Mălina Ionescu


ᚗᒪ ㇸ ʭ ㆨ҇꧋꧋ ᚗ is a part of La pas program, Timișoara.

The project is a revisitation of the collage-map, the map that recomposes, by a simultaneous

process of contraction and expansion, a space which does not unfold in its entirety but folds in a

direct correspondence with its emotional perception. In Viae Ferrae (2019, insert#2 artspace) the

space is reconstructed, like a puzzle from places of personal importance: houses, homes, streets,

spaces of a personal, individual or shared affective history. The map / space that contracts and

reconfigures itself is this time a network of rivers and other bodies of water, more true to the way

a system of groundwater and rivers functions and communicates – all elements permanently and

directly linked and dependent on one another . The project is also a tribute to the groundwater of

Timis County, this geographical particularity that has famously shaped its landscape and history.

Drained by the system of canals that has transformed the entire area, the groundwater is still

present in latency, in the depth of all places, a presence which is at the same time palpable and

symbolic – containing and transmitting the histories of the area. The fountain in Queen Mary

Park is covered by a map of rivers, lakes, fragments of shore that communicate and transmit

stories and narratives, a map with names and references coded in the common alphabet – another

common, central theme for the two artists (Unletters and Hypercube, 2020, online, #foisorului9,

Lapsus Art Space)