Andreea Medar | August grass. Nothing much to do
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August grass. Nothing much to do, 2020

Andreea Medar & Mălina Ionescu

Organized by META Spațiu Contemporary Art Gallery, in partnership with Calpe Gallery, Timișoara



August grass / Nothing much / To do opens the series of interventions grouped under the name Biohazard – Activation as the first chapter of the project “ANTHROPOCENE | New Species”, organized by META Spațiu Contemporary Art Gallery. Both this introductory part – activation agent for the project and the future curatorial project are structured as series of events – exhibitions, pop up interventions, performances, screenings, art talks and workshops, linking galleries with unconventional and online spaces. The title is a nod to a haiku by Jack Kerouac, and it preserves its poetical and reflexive charges while at the same time being less narrative, self-referential and descriptive.
The intervention staged by Andreea Medar and Mălina Ionescu at Calpe Gallery in Timisoara is a simple inversion in the relation between the concrete pavement – this commonplace of the urban design – and the earth underneath and around it. It is a direct affirmation of the necessity of natural regeneration and changes in the ways we relate to places, living and environment. It is a call for the reactive power of nature, at the same time delivering and threatening. The dynamics between man and nature has always unfolded between the two poles of harmony and hostility, between battling nature and fighting for it, between survival by taming nature and the apology of a wilderness that is simultaneously impossible to recover, sustain or, on the contrary, contain.
August grass is a statement of both problem and reaction to the current worldwide lack of balance, as it is at the same time an observation and an objective, an articulation of the fragility and shared / interdependent vulnerability of man and nature, a nostalgic reverie and an expressed desire for a newly found – or restored – state of balance.


Photo credits: Alexandra Boaru , Luca Mixich, Daliana Iacobescu