Andreea Medar | ᎒ᚗ~ㆨ꒿ ꕇ꒿ʭᦔ꒿
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᎒ᚗ~ㆨ꒿ ꕇ꒿ʭᦔ꒿

Mălina Ionescu, Andreea Medar

IT Specialist – Andrei Buruntia

MetaSPAȚIU Gallery, contributors: Florina Lungu, Iuliana Vilsan, Alice Teca, Roxana Bloju, Diana Gadina, Ștefania Crișan,Tamas Borbala, Elena Irina Medar, Elena Medar,  Uliana Gujuman,  Diana Roșca, Patricia Teodorescu




᎒ᚗ~ㆨ꒿ ꕇ꒿ʭᦔ꒿ continues one of the major themes in the previous common projects, in fact the very first one: the secret alphabet. This time the code (which in earlier artworks has either recovered the secret letters of child play or reflected the location of land art interventions) was adapted for the online with the help of an IT specialist. The message is coded even more as many computers or phones fail to recognize some or even all of the letters and symbols of the various fonts the alphabet borrowed from. The project continues a private dialogue between the two artists, in both content and themes and communication of the artworks. The works themselves have marked a shift in the artists relationship with the online media, a step further the more familiar posting of an offline artwork, as the photos, interventions on the window glass or around the house (as it coincided with the #stayathome period, and subsequently resulted in a series of reactions to the restrictions) videos, stencils, drawings, embroideries and digital images are all brought together by the unifying specificity of the social media, with its own rythm, type of reaction and response. The artworks – posts and events – influence each other in a dialogue of converging, overlapping or coinciding themes, at the same time ironic, playful, critic and nostalgic. The comments and reactions of the other participants are, as the alphabet is known to the artists only, part of an experiment exploring the way the online relationships are structured in this specific context and its impact on notions such as belonging, community, participation and artistic process. One of the main themes has been the reality of the physical / virtual spaces and places of the artistic interventions or social interactions. Home, which lately has had to mean just one fixed location, virtually has known no limitations, allowing for the projection, evocation and invocation of places belonging to different spatial or even temporal planes. If the artworks from the beginning of the project responded directly to the home confinement by maintain the conventions of the interior, and most importantly the obvious relationship with the window and window view – these common places of the art world during the pandemic, the later ones gradually open towards the environments of the outside nature, city or gallery.