Andreea Medar | Biography
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Andreea Medar (born in 1990) is a Romanian visual artist. Trained as a painter, she is currently interested in objects and environments, sculptures, media installations and video. Her images rewrite her own, personal imagery in an always surprising and paradoxically very direct alphabet which associates contrasting elements and constructs encrypted images not easily or fully open to the viewer. Lives and works in Târgu-Jiu and Timișoara.

Andreea Medar structures her works from the premises of a complete freedom, of both motivation and visual expression. Without restricting herself to a preferred medium, she allows for each theme to find its own imagery and visual alphabet. She explores in her objects, installations, spatial structures, sculptures – contrasting elements and visual identities: the barely perceptible, minimalistic intervention and the monumental volume distorting and dominating the surrounding space; the disarming openness, exposing the vulnerable, most intimate aspects of the personal history and the encryption of messages, impossible to read by the viewers; the random, unimportant detail, and the deep strata of cultural and historical reference. However there is no duality in her works. Their clarity, coherence and poignancy derive not from the juxtaposition of contrasts, but from an underlying unity, a very personal, subjective charge which connects with the audience on a very intense, emotional and direct level. (Malina Ionescu)




Faculty of Arts – Timișoara, Romania (started PHD )


Faculty of Arts and Design, Fine Art – Painting, Timișoara, Romania (master’s degree)


Faculty of Arts and Design, Fine Art – Painting,, Timișoara, Romania (bachelor’s degree)


High School of  Fine Arts, Targu Jiu, Romania


Personal exhibitions


Racoți, B5 Studio, curator: Ungvári-Zrínyi Kata, Târgu Mureș,  RO- December 19th


Zestre, Lapsus Art Space,  curators: Alex Boca, Gabriela Ciobanu, Timișoara, RO –  May 22nd

Traces of the Present, curators: Mălina Ionescu, Călin Petcana, Galeriile Municipale de Artă, Târgu Jiu, RO – January 25th


The seal of pain, the Jewish Community Center, Bucharest, Ro- December 1st

The seal of pain, Chapter 3 – the Hungarian State Theater “Csiky Gergely”, Timişoara, Ro- September 8th

The seal of pain, – Balş House, Iasi. Ro- May 5th

The seal of pain, Cluj National Theater, Ro- March 3rd


Exhibitions with another artist


Tiny planet,  with cu Mălna Inescu, #fosouluiumarl9, București, Ro

August grass Nothing much To do, with cu Mălina Ionescu, organizer METAspatiu, Calpe Gallery, Timișoara, Ro

Hypercube – with Mălina Ionescu, LAPSUS Art Space, Timișoara & Foisoruluinumarul9, București, Ro

᎒ᚗ~ㆨ꒿ ꕇ꒿ʭᦔ꒿- Online project with Mălina Ionescu- March-May- METAspatiu Gallery


Viae Ferrae, with Mălina Ionescu, curator Mirela Stoeac Vladuti,  INSERT #2 Art Space, Tg-Jiu, Ro


The Gosts of the Present, The Myths of the future- The White Night of the Galleries, with the artist Tamas Borbala, Curator: Călin Petcana, Timişoara, Ro- October 7th


Grup Exhibitions- selection


In Parallel Universes Different Things Happen, Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery, Cluj – Napoca, Ro-November 13th

PANDEMIC LOOP DISORDER, Camera K’ARTE, Târgu Mureș, Ro- November 9th
Previews, BLECH. Art Space Halle, Germany – October 22nd

PANDEMIC LOOP DISORDER, Diptych Art Space, Bucharest, RO

MAFA 7: SyZyGy, Kinema Ikon, The Art Museum, Arad, Ro- October 30th

Inside/Outside, Galateca Gallery, Bucarest- NAG, Ro – October 3rd

Breaking Imposibilities, Multicultural Center of the University of Transylvania, Brașov RO- January 23rd

Zblentit, zblentit!,A5 Studio Space, Bucarest, RO- January 15th


Meta Camp, Pygmalion Gallery, curator Mirela Stoeac Vladuți, Timișoara – Ro – December 5th

Memory Pills, Calpe Gallery, curator Călin Petcana, Timișoara – Ro,  December 10th

𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧, The Art Museum of Arad, curator Mirela Stoeac Vladuti, Arad, Kinema Ikon- RO- December 1st

Gastronom, Jecza Gallery,curator Cosmn Năsui, Timișoara, Ro- September 1st

Contemporary Art Reidency, curators Ana Câmpean, Josep Cui, Reduta Cultural Center, Brașov, Ro- August 7th

Thassos Simpozion, Calpe Gallery, Timișara, Ro- May 14th

Sign, curators: Constantin Prut, Liviu Ndelc, Focșani Art Galleries, Ro – May 9th

Seein Time, Kunsthalle Bega, curator Liviana Dan, Timisoara, Ro- April 12th

Sign, curators: Constantin Prut, Mălina Ionescu, Liviu Nedelcu, Focșani Art Gallery, Ro-May 10

Alexandra Titu IN MEMORIAM, curators: Liviu Nedelcu, Călin Petcana, Calpe Gallery, Timişoara, Ro- April 2

Echoes of the silance, curator: Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduţi, Tempini, Timişoara, Ro- April 12th


Offline– Calpe Gallery, Timișoara, Ro- November 28th

Art at the enterence, The Museum of Literature/ Galateca Gallery,  București, Ro- November

Passion for Freedom, curator Agnieszka Kolek, London, UK- October 6th

The memorials of the fortress –Interstelar,  artwork in public space, Timișoara, Ro- September

Woman, all to woman, curator: Andreea Foanene, The Art Museum of  Timisoara, Ro – August 15th

RAC Contemporary Art Exhibition, Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov, Ro- August 1st

The four elements, curators: Alexandra Titu, Livi Nedelcu, Focsani Art Galleries, RO – May 8th


THE ISLAND, Calpe Gallery, Curator: Călin Petcana, Timişora, Ro- March 28th

Today’s painters in Balchik, Elite Art Gallery, Curator: Ana Traci Neagoe, Bucharest, Ro-  February 21st


Artificial, Embassy, ​​Timisoara, Ro, December 9th


INTRO (Version), Atelier 030202 Gallery, Bucharest, Ro- October 16th

THE WORLD in OUR SKIN, M.C. Bastion, Timişoara, Ro- September 21st

Master Graduation Exhibition, Calpe Gallery, Timişoara, Ro- July 13th

Annual Exhibition of Visual Arts 2014,The Art Museum of Timişoara, Ro–February 3th


The voluntary portraist, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara, Ro- February 27th


OKC Reformars – Trstenik, Serbia, August 23rd

Reflexion, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara, Ro- April 25th


We again!,  Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Ro- January 19th





META Camp Residency, Beiuș- Ro, September

Residence of Contemporary Art – Lepșa- Ro, September

Gastronom Residency –  Jecza Gallery, Timișoara-Ro, August 22nd -September 1st

Formations – Land art Residency – UNESCO International Geopark of the Land of Hateg -Ro-August

RAC Residency – organized by Reduta Brașov, Ro, July -August

Romania-France Season Residency-Cocu Castle- France in collaboration with the Constantin Brâncuși Center-Romania,  Curtișoara, Ro, June -July


Meta Camp organized by the Metaspatiu Gallery from Timisoara, in Sivnița, Ro

Contemporary Art Residence at Brașov organized by Reduta, Brașov, Ro


Artistic Symposium organized by the Calpe Gallery, in Thassos, Greece

Artistic Residence organized by Elite Art Gallery from Bucharest, in Balchik, Bulgaria


Artistic Symposium organized by the Calpe Gallery, in Lefkada, Greece


International Art CampArt Camp OKC Reformars– Trstenik, Serbia

Summer Academy with  Professor. Hans Schnell – Munich, Germany




PHD scholarship


Scholarship of excellence, The West University, Timișoara


RotarART 4X4 Scholarship, Rotary Romania(selected to represent Timișoara)


Scholarship for great results, Faculty of Arts, Timisoara

2009 – 2012

Scholarship for great results, Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara


Ion Bălan Fundation Scholarship



Other projects and collaborations


Online platform: should we meet or not, organizer Lili Mercioiu-Popa October- Deceber

Virtual Mini Solo Show- curator Maria Orosa-Telea, IN LIMITED SPACE, Timișoara

Pandemic Art Project- organised by Aura Bălănesu, Timișoara

Contactless Art wall -online project with Mălina Ionescu, Galateca Gallery, Bucarest


Plug  in – contemporary art exhibitions and projects in several regions of Timiș county, Ro

Geopark Land Art project- Landmark I – NOW / NO – UNESCO International Geopark of the Land of Hateg- in collaboration with the artist Mălina Ionescu August, Ro, September

Geopark Land Art – Formations – Landmark II – UNESCO International Geopark of the Land of Hateg -workshop with Mălina Ionescu and the local community, Ro, August

Faking it for real- collaboration with the French artist Arthur Debert during the Romania-France Season -Museum of Popular Architecture, Ro, June -July


Interstellar, work in the public space, within the project Memories of the Citadel, Timisoara, in collaboration with Timisoara the European Capital of Culture 2021, Ro-September

Work selected in Art at the Entrance project, The Museum of Literature Bucharest, Ro


Conferences on the protection of children’s rights


National Conference “SPUNE!”, Bucharest, during which the Children’s Report was presented to the representatives of the Parliament- May 30 – June 1

Winter School from Moeciu de Sus “SPUNE!”, Organized by ANPDC


“Children’s Rights” Summer School, National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (ANPDC)

The National Conference “SPUNE!”, Organized by ANPDC

2006 – 2009

I was the County Coordinator “SPUNE!”

Promoting the rights of the child at national level

Preparation of the Children’s Report which was included in the Country Report of Romania, and subsequently submitted by the Romanian Government to the UN Committee in Geneva in the autumn of 2007

Organizer of the “Cătălin Haidău” County Painting and Essay Competition and a carnival aimed at developing dialogue relations between children with disabilities and high school students