Andreea Medar | Hypercube 2
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Hypercube II 

Andreea Medar & Mălina Ionescu

Arsenale N, Venice/ Lapsus, Timișoara


“The Hypercube is an interdimensional gateway, impossible to understand from just one perspective and similar only to the practice of cloning space. It is both a maquette and a real perimeter, where it unfaithfully represents and recreates a room situated far away only to invade a space with new reflective qualities. The reality of the hypercube is questionable, and once you enter it you are simultaneously both here and there, between the ether and what your own perception identifies as self.

In the Hypercube we join dimensions in a metaphorical and physical way. They are intersected through the the 4 channel video using real mirrors, surveillance cameras and projected images to create a sort of hyper-reality which turns our presence into flux of naked information which multiplies itself. The Hypercube is an installation which uses virtual social space aesthetics and the feeling of a video-call, or the alienation this brings with it. Instant communication through the internet contains new signals, encrypted languages, it goes beyond the limits of illusions and is a prototype of future teleportation technologies.

The nullification of the human and the spatial echoes of this act begins with barely distinguishable sounds, almost-words…”(text by Alex Boca)