Andreea Medar | Homo Interior
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Homo Inteior

Woman, all too woman 2018,  The Art Museum of  Timisoara, Ro


The whole existential route is a conflictual one, since it aims at a permanent fight between the human and spiritual side, the final purpose implying the victory of spirit and the final separation from everything implying the humane. Despite all that, I consider there is a tight harmony between the body and the spirit, over the period of human being’s travelling inside the womb and over the period close to birth. While the body starts to know and assimilate information, it is automatically and gradually habituated to its spiritual component part and thus a permanent conflict arises.
“Andreea Medar’s works question the understanding of her own artistic path by expressing her personal identity crisis with the situations generated by tension an by getting out of one’s comfort zone. By the nature of her creations, this female artist is often placing herself in apparently impossible contexts, in uncomfortable conjunctures, that dispel the impossibility to fully communicate with reality.
Could it be that these ideas, inspired by the real rapport that the artist perceives between contemporary art and society?
She also finds the solutions, and, through these creative means of healing the crisis, the artist is investing herself in inventing a new type of language, the components of which reflect at times expressions of violence, subversion, creativity, irony or seduction. The out of the ordinary combination of materials represent a magnetic attraction zone, in which the artist often activates by selecting and joining the industrially-made structures with the organic ones or the emotionally-loaded and connected to her own past structures.

Homo explores, in an original and sensible way, represents the versatility of objects that reflect and refract the light, the landscape, the viewer. In this way, the visitor is integrated into the dynamic forms invented by the artist. The joy of play, the freedom of expression, diversification, and growth become in this case the advantages of a complex and generative experimental system. ” (Andreea Foanene)


Video here


Photos credit: Medar Mihai