Andreea Medar | Maria
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Multicultural Centre of Transilvania University, Brasov,  curator Ana Muntean



The Maria installation is a traditional clothing item ( “ie” ) from the Oltenia area, sewn entirely on plastic, with transparent plastic thread. The object was made by mimetic copying the pattern sewn by the artist’s great-grandmother, about 100 years ago. The original item of clothing was specially designed for a local holiday, its realization lasting a whole winter. The model was made by the artist’s great-grandmother and kept secret until the moment of the festivity.
The video contains a subtitle with a funny story about that clothing item , told by the artist’s grandmother.
As a result of the fact that the perpetuation of the tradition has been interrupted, Andreea Medar proposes a symbolic resumption of this process (using contemporary materials). The artist questions the evolution of personal identity in relation to the evolution of a collective, social identity.


Maria 2020, hand-sewn transparent plastic, projection