Andreea Medar | Racoti
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Racoți 2019

B5 Studio, curator Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi, Târgu Mureș, RO


Considering all factors which set in motion our emotional connection with the winter holidays, we must acknowledge the importance of memory as ritual maker. How we celebrate Christmas as adults is mostly determined by our childhood Christmases – and the places we spent it (and learned to celebrate) becomes mythical. Strongly anthropological, Andreea Medar’s project analyses, from the standpoint of her personal history, the changes and transfigurations in the relationship with the holiday suffered or caused by our society in the time-span of a generation. Going back in the realm of memories (holidays in Racoti village) the artist collects documents and oral testimonies she then synthetizes in an installation with an unusual, almost illusory materiality. (Kata Ungvári-Zríny)






















(plastic stitching, stones, photos, video)